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Walking in Grace, Inc. is a counseling and life- coaching center in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. At the heart, our goal is to create an opportunity for personal growth and healing. RAPID CITY. Counseling. Intensives. WIG.

Living Fast and Furious? Want More?

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Living Fast and Furious? Want More?

Laura Longville

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There are so many ways to show up in life. Us Americans are active, busy and productive people. In fact, many conversations start with, “Are you busy, do you have a minute?” On one hand this is a thoughtful way to begin a conversation, on the other it’s indicative of how jam-packed our lives are.

White space, margin, breathing room, and free time describe something we all long for. It’s having room internally to think clearly without a million thoughts bombarding your mind.  As well as literal white space or blank areas on our calendars where nothing is entered.

For many, fall is a time where families enter back into full swing of school, activities and other obligations. It can be overwhelming and discouraging at times. Why not do it differently? You could be intentional and proactive by doing a couple different practices. 

Two key words-Intentional and practiceS

Being intentional to create breathing room is just as important as deliberately getting up on time to get to work or kids to school. Prioritizing or recognizing the need for free time in your life can scream for your attention, slowly squeeze the life out of you or invite you to show up in life another way; in a more life-giving approach.

 Prioritizing or recognizing the need for free time in your life can scream for your attention, slowly squeeze the life out of you or invite you to show up in life another way; in a more life-giving approach.

Practice by definition, is repeating something to get better. We perform routines repeatedly to fine-tune our skills.  A golfer, practices her swing over and over again. A musician sings scales to warm up his voice and a speaker rehearses her story to deliver the most impact.

Discipline is a key component of being intentional and practicing something new. Making space in your life is a conscious CHOICE to make you a priority. If you aren’t aware or paying attention to your own life, it takes over! Before you know it, life is telling you how to live, instead of you deciding how you’re going to show up.

It’s a bit like this. You’re on an alpine slide, slowly gliding out of the gate enjoying the beautiful mountainside scenery and the wind in your hair. Your glider is smoothly riding the rails and your heart races as you pick up speed. Quickly you use your break to round the first of many unexpected corners. Before you know it, a steep hill shoots you down the course, fast and furious. You may feel exhilarated and……. a bit out of control. Many like this feeling while others may be white knuckling it and feel green with fear.


Either way, it’s important to remember, you’re in control of the glider. You have a brake available to you. You have the ability to determine how fast you want to ride the alpine slide or how fast to live life. Sometimes, we even have the choice of whether or not we want to ride the alpine slide. Are you “riding the glider” like you want to?

In this blog series, I’m inviting you to do life S L O W E R, with more intention and with practice. Each blog will offer a way to “be” or “do” life on purpose, deliberate and filled with peace.

Today, pay attention to your life. Ask yourself a few questions:

1.     How can I create space in my life that brings me peace and rest?

2.     Where do I feel like I’ve lost the ability to “brake” the glider in my life?

Sharing the intentional journey with someone can help. Find someone who could join you. Supporting one another is vital to practicing something new. Who can help you?

Next time we will approach a powerful exercise that takes very little energy. Are you curious? I hope so :)