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12916 Bogus Jim Road
Rapid City, SD, 57702
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Walking in Grace, Inc. is a counseling and life- coaching center in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. At the heart, our goal is to create an opportunity for personal growth and healing. RAPID CITY. Counseling. Intensives. WIG.

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Living Fast and Furious? Want More?

Laura Longville

You’re on an alpine slide, slowly gliding out of the gate enjoying the beautiful mountainside scenery and the wind in your hair. Your glider is smoothly riding the rails and your heart races as you pick up speed. Quickly you use your break to round the first of many unexpected corners. Before you know it, a steep hill shoots you down the course, fast and furious. You may feel exhilarated and……. a bit out of control. Many like this feeling while others may be white knuckling it and feel green with fear.

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The Smell That Binds Them

Laura Longville

He smelled so clean and fresh as I lifted him out of the bathtub. I nestled my nose into his chubby little neck and placed a big, juicy kiss on him. He squealed with joy and slowly wrestled out of my arms to run down the hall naked. These moments are some of my favorite with my grandkids.

Often our strongest memories are linked to our sense of smell. Here’s why…..

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Can You Hear It?

Laura Longville

Can you hear it?

A long pause followed that unusual question from my sweetheart. We were standing out in our yard after several days of blustery winds, harsh temperatures and ten inches of snow. This particular spring morning, we applauded the crisp blue sky and warmth from the sun. A few steps into our walk, I noticed the crunching of snow under foot. We stepped up our walk to warm ourselves up and my sweetheart says, “Can you hear it?”

We both stopped walking. Nothing….

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