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Walking in Grace, Inc. is a counseling and life- coaching center in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. At the heart, our goal is to create an opportunity for personal growth and healing. RAPID CITY. Counseling. Intensives. WIG.


Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.
— Chinese Proverb

Corporate/Business Consulting

Leading a community or non-profit organization, business or corporation come with unique challenges ranging from inspiring others, guiding change, developing employees to managing internal stakeholders, politics and developing managerial effectiveness.

People learn, grow and change in many different ways; through interactions, lectures, activities, sight and sound. Let’s co-create an experience that can help your business achieve its goals.’’

Leadership, Management, Work Teams, Non-Profit and Community Organizations can all benefit from action-oriented learning experiences. Experiential activities get participants fully engaged in present moment problem solving, creative brainstorming, dynamic team development and clear and productive communication.

Bring your work group or team, Board of Directors, ministry team or organization together for a learning experience they’ll never forget.

Laura is innovative in creating and developing unique experiential activities for your work, professional or community group. Give me a call and we can talk about ideas and options to assist your group in reaching their goals.

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Family Owned Business Consulting

Less than 30 percent of family businesses last long enough to be passed to the second generation of family members, according to a 2010 "Inc." magazine article by Christine Lagorio, who also indicated that only 10 percent of family businesses last through a family's third generation

Laura grew up in a family owned business and wished her family had utilized a team of professional advisors to help with the unique challenges in their family business. Therefore, she is passionate about helping family owned businesses succeed into the next generation.

She has partnered with Prairie Family Business Association  as a Professional Advisor for the past 8 years.  She is part of the Rapid City Professional Advisor Study group and enjoys helping family businesses flourish. In addition, she is an active professional advisor with Family Business Consulting Education.

As a life coach and counselor Laura works with other professionals (business advisors/coaches, attorney’s, financial advisors, accountants, bankers, insurance agents and other business professionals) as a team to help the family reach it’s business and family goals.

Family Dynamics

Family dynamics, strengths and weaknesses typically influence and impact the family business. Understanding the unique system that exists when families work, manage and own a business together is foundational to building a healthy family and a successful business.

As an outside-of-the-family-business expert, Laura can help a family address the silent, difficult and/or secrets that influence the family and business. She can help families discuss challenging and problematic issues successfully.

Laura believes in the benefits of working with a team of professionals. She is a team player and can easily integrate with your team. What others are saying about Laura and family owned business consulting.

Please contact Laura for questions or to set up an initial consultation.